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Ramadevi Aunty



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My name is Suman aged about 42 years. I am working with Medical Company as manager. When I am at the age of 34 this incident happened with my aunty at my native place. I will share my experiences with readers. I am interested in fucking of Fat Aunties who wear sari and blouse. Any Aunt between 30 years to 48 years unsatisfied/ discrete relationship / friendship with mature Moderate fat with Hyderabad or any other area like to get in touch can always step ahead. Utmost secrecy will be maintained. mail me at [email protected] Well coming back to my experience by that time I have not married. I have tasted lot of aunties in areas where I use to go on companies work. This incident which was happened with my beautiful aunty Ramadevi at my native place. It was a 2 portion house with three rooms each . I am staying in one room in 2 rooms Ramadevi aunt staying with her husband and with a small verandah. Other portion was occupied by other family. Let me explain about the aunt. Ramadevi aunt is fat and aged approx 38. height at 5 feet and was sexually very attractive with big rounded ass and average size of boobs. She was mid black nicely curved figure with long hair till buttocks for me she was like an angel. She was having a one year child. Instantly she was not attracted by all others because she is mid black and fat. I am lover of fat aunties and dreaming about her in sex. From the day I joined in the room I have my own looks towards her, which she noticed and not exposed any time before me . While she is walking her buttocks were dancing up and down and made me so mad. She wear only white blouse with deep low neck and her half boobs were projected out and can see cleavage clearly.. Some time she wear sari in provoking way any how I decided to made her as my sex partner. Her husband working as clerk. He will leave early morning and reaches after noon for lunch after lunch he rush to office and will come late night by 12am after boozing. I noticed many times that she will never care and respect her husband. Because he is a boozer and had not made sex any time with her. She hates him and does not allow him to in side her room any time. Now let me explain how I started sex journey with her. I have habit of purchasing weekly magazines and she used to read them by taking from me. One day I kept an erotic sex book in one magazine and given to her. The day after she returned it by writing a comment on the book it is so good and asked me to give more of such books. I used to do the same daily exchanging of erotic books thru magazines. One day suddenly her baby fell sick and seek my help to admit in the hospital, because I belongs to Medical field. The staff of hospital treated that we both are husband and wife, because her husband is boozer and never turned to the hospital also. She did not informed the same to him because he is a boozer. During this time we both became very friendly and moved very closely. In the meantime she introduced her sister Kalavathi to me Kalavathi is also fat like Ramadevi but with big boobs. When both stand beside we may get confused to find the difference who is who except difference in boobs. After few days treatment in the hospital she lost baby. I have settled the entire bill in the hospital, for which Ramadevi wondered for my act and promised that she will repay it soon. I told her that there is no question for repayment of money to me and assured her that to get courage and settle first After some days she settled and asked me to give magazines for reading, and we were exchanging the magazines. After a week Inserted a detailed letter in the book mentioning my desire on her and requested her to give reply after thinking of it. After 2 days she returned the book along with my letter stating that she is too interested on me and informed that she is aware of my hungry looks towards her and advised me that to correspond same way because neighbors will not suspect us. Then we both decided to go for night show cinema where we have privacy to discuss each other and no one will suspect us. She started alone from house and I started my self and met at theatre. She was frightened to be with me. We searched a corner seat in the theatre the occupancy is very less. As the movie started I broke the silence and I detailed my interest on her and asked her interest on me and assured her that our affair was confidential trust me and told that we are becoming good friends. I promised her that I will not leak our relationship to any body. She gained some courage and replied that she is also interested on me and questioned how she is looking to me? I replied her as my sex angel. She told her story of her hubby and about the birth of child etc., sorrowfully. In the interval I brought one cool drink to drink. I asked her to share in sipping the drink. She felt shy in doing such. I said nothing to worry. I asked her to be move freely with me. I pulled her towards me and she felt shy and I started kissing on her face and I put the cool drink in her hand we completed in sharing. Then she started kissing on my face. And I told her that I will look of after her every need and I told that I need her permanently. There is no much age gap between us If she accepts I will marry her. Then she got confidence on me and accepted for my proposal and kissed on my hand. She told me to call her with name only. In between I am kissing her cheeks on hand and other areas wherever not covered with clothes. Both became hot. We both discussed very long and decided that to meet next day at her sister Kalavathiís house only because the people around our house may doubt us. because she is care taker for Ramadevi sexual affairs. I understood that she got confidence on her sister. As the movie is over we both came to home on my 2 wheeler. Next day in the morning I awake very late she provided coffee and breakfast to me secretly with a bright cheer on face. Then I left to my office from there I reached to Kalavathiís house as per the program. I purchased some sweets, fruits and jasmine garlands and some printed white cotton saris which she likes and reached to Kalavathi house at 6 pm. It was the first time going to Kalavathi house and rang the door bell. Kalavathi opened the door and invited me into hall it was neatly decorated. Kalavathi told that she is working in Kiran school as teacher who is her beloved hubby. After some time Kiran joined and introduced himself. In next few minutes we were close and he told that he seduced kalavathi for sex and he is living with her in her house and the both behave like wife and husband. Further told that Kalavathi husband left long back and he is staying with her. She had one child from her left hubby and the other eight months baby from kiran. Kiran likes Kalavathi very well and told that every day Ramadevi Aunt used to come their house and spends lot more time with Kalavathi children. Kiran told that she is care taker for children when they were in bed room. After some time Kalavathi and Ramadevi joined in our discussion. Kalavathi told in detailed story about Ramadevi . Her hubby is a drunkard and Ramadevi never allowed to fuck because she is not interested on hubby. Kalavathi and kiran told to us you both can survive as new couple because there is no big age gap. But Child hood friend of kalavathi came stayed in her house for 5 months for training and he fucked Ramadevi i in turn Ramadevi got pregnancy and now Ramadevi is looking for a permanent fucker under the guidance of kalavathi and further told that you both can decide your program and asked to go into next bed room. We both went into the bedroom and then I kept sweets and fruits and saris bunch in her lap and sat in my chair. Then I moved to her near and kissed on her forehead and told that feel free with me she replied that you are my new husband. During this Kalavathi came with coffee cup in her hand and told that Ramadevi birthday is day after day . I told her that to have our first night on that day and I will celebrate her birth day. Ramadevi felt shy for my saying and bend her head. We both finished the dinner at Kalavathi house and started to house on my 2 wheeler late night. I told Ramadevi that next day afternoon we should go to shopping get ready and kissed her on lips and left her before 2 houses nearer to our house. The next day as per the schedule she started from house and I started late and we both met one point she sat on my vehicle we both went to shopping. I purchased some cotton saris, decorative items and silver anklets for her foots. She said that I am wasting money for her. I replied I am purchasing for my new wife. I ordered for cake. She asked why cake, I replied for my birthday baby. She felt shy on listening and we went to restaurant lastly we reached home. On 2nd day evening I reached to Kalavathiís house directly from office for first night sex along with fruit basket and gulab jamun sweet. my sex heroine was waiting for me and she wear a white thin cotton sari below to the naval area and near to pubic with white petty coat and thin white cotton blouse. The dark black nipples were visible from the blouse. She was neatly decorated and kept jasmine garlands in her long hair. I called the children of kalavathi, Kiran and I told Ramadevi to cut the cake because it was her birth day. She felt shy and refused to do it. But I pulled her to do the same. Half cake was distributed and remaining was kept in our bed room by Kalavathi I presented the new anklets to her. In return Kalavathi asked me to lay the flower garland and tight in her neck as mangal sutra. I did the same. Kalavathi asked me to wait in bed room and she will send her sister. The bed room was neatly decorated and fruits , sweets were arranged on a table next to bed. Kalavathi told that she is leaving and because kiran is waiting for her. I am anxiously waiting in bed room My sex angel entered into bed room along with milk glass in her hand. I asked Ramadevi about Kalavathi where she is? She replied already Kiran and Kalavathi started their regular show and we were late by 10 minutes. She told me to sip the milk and give it to her. I did the same. After that I removed her pallu and removed the blouse. Two boobs are free and the thick black nipples became stiff and are looking at me to suck. Slowly I removed her sari and petty coat also. I can see curves on belly, deep navel and pubic area and her pussy is hidden in between the thighs. She removed my short and T shirt. Now we both are nude. Immediately I hugged her tightly. I have taken large piece of cake and pushed in her mouth balance applied on her cheeks and belly area. I licked entire with my tongue on belly and face and while pushing some pieces were fallen on breasts. She removed some part from her mouth and told the piece is large enough which will not sufficient in her mouth and pushed in my mouth. I taken her to the bed and pushed her on the bed. I lay beside her and turned up on her kept one boob nipple in my mouth and started sucking. I thought to suck some milk will flow out of her tits but its not, then she laughed and taught me not that way. She slept aside and asked me to slept aside and asked to keep my mouth near to her boob nipple. I did the same. She then, put her one tit into my mouth till the whole areole was in my mouth, and said to suck now, wow what a thing her warm sweet milk from those fleshy boobs was flowing into my mouth. It tastes too.. ooooooo good. I kept one sucking while pressing the other one. While dried up this one, started to suck on the other boob. Then she started moaning slowly. With loud moaning told that to drink as much as you want. Then I lowered my sucking and started licking her belly, navel area and slowly turned behind her and started licking her buttocks area and I separated the buttocks and inserted some grape fruits in line between the buttocks and closed the buttocks nearer tightly. All the grapes crushed and grape juice passed till her cunt. After that I separated the two buttocks and eaten the crushed grapes cleaned entire by licking till asshole. By this she suddenly moaned loudly and told to fuck her. But I turned her and licked the fleshy thighs area and pubic and up to knees My fat dick is already erected and increased inch by inch. We both hugged tightly and rolled on the bed for few minutes. I kissed every area of her face and started sucking the lips. I inserted my tongue into her mouth started sucking her tongue. She also did the same. After 10 minutes of sucking I have swallowed her salvia in to my mouth After that I started sucking of her boobs again. I Jabbed one index finger into her asshole while sucking the boobs. I went down she spread the legs and folded so that her pussy will be clearly visible. The fleshy Thighs are covered more than half area of her pussy lips. Then gently I adjusted the thighs and I never seen such a huge rosy lips pussy neatly shaved. I have taken one big banana and removed the skin of banana. I kept that banana from the starting or her pussy till end upside and I asked her to close her legs tightly . She did the same. I lay on her and hugged her tightly and rolled on bed for 5 to 6 rounds. After that I wake from her and asked to wide her legs and to fold them. To my wonder the banana was crushed like any thing and shapeless on the pussy and I have licked the half banana on her pussy and half taken in mouth and pushed into her mouth. In between I licked her asshole also for some time and tried to insert my tongue into but it was not. By this she increased moaning loudly. After that I started licking of the pussy lips and slowly pulled out the clit of her . The clit is huge in size. I pressed the entire pussy with my face for long time. I started sucking of clit. Her entire clit was in mouth. I sucked clit for 20 minutes. I swirl my tongue in her pussy deep and licked in side the pussy madly. Then Ramadevi started moaning loudly. She discharged loads cum on my face. I swallowed entire juice and cleaned entire her cunt till pubic area with my tougue. It was a fabulous experience. Still she was moaning loudly. I got afraid Kalavathi may come upon listening her loud moaning . My small boss become very harder and paining to me. Then she told that to insert my dick into her cunt as she cannot wait. I have taken a position to enter the dick in cunt and lay upon her, taken her two lips into my mouth and started sucking of her lips. Slowly I inserted my dick into her cunt and pushed it very hardly. She screamed in my mouth and disallowed to pushing into cunt. my dick entered very tightly till end. After some time she settled and left the lips of her mouth from mouth and started slowly up and down. She was moaning continuously. Some times I am fucking harder and sometimes slowing . The room was echoing with her moaning After 2 hours of continuous fuck she reached the orgasm and my self cum in her cunt. She tied my hip with her legs tightly and not allowed to remove my dick from her cunt. After some time she loosened her legs and asked me lay beside her. Then I asked her how the experience is. She told it was her first experience sucking of mouth and clit and keeping the grapes between buttocks and keeping banana on pussy given her marvelous pleasure and unforgettable experience which she will not forget. I told her the milk from the boobs are tasty I enquired about continuing boob sucking. She replied my entire body is yours what ever you want you can do. Both bodies become wet with sweat. I asked her tomorrow night we both should leave to Chennai and other areas for honey moon trip and my leave is also got sanctioned. She accepted with pleasure. I taken one apple and asked her to bite some piece and keep in my mouth. She did the same. II also bite some piece of apple and pushed in her mouth. I have taken one gulab jamun from sweet box and poured the jamun juice in her deep navel full like pouring in deep well. and started licking. After that I have taken jamun in my mouth and inserted the jamun in her mouth. After a big fight in her mouth we both eaten the jamun. Again I started sucking her boobs and drank the milk. She taken my dick in her hand and started caressing my dick. In next few minutes my dick is ready for next show. Again I asked her to fuck for which she agreed and pulled her till the end of bed and kept her legs on my shoulders then I inserted my dick slowly in to the cunt. The show was continued for 2 hours. I became wild to fuck her. We both fucked for 5 times till 4 am in the morning and we went to sleep with deep hugging . Exactly by 6am she wake and released the hugging from me and rushed to bath room for refreshing. At about 8 am she came to my bed room and shaked me to awake and told it was 8 am. I told drowsily to her last night I did not go to sleep because of my new wife. She replied that she experienced the same with her new hubby. But I wake and sat on the edge of bed did not opened my eyes. She kissed on my forehead. She told dear to open eyes and get refresh. Then immediately I grabbed her and hugged and told to lift her petty coat to show her pussy then only I will leave her. She requested me so many ways and told that Kalavathi and Kiran are getting ready to go to school which was not good if we are in the bed room. I denied what she told. I bluntly told that I want to see her pussy. Then slowly she lifted her petty coat and told me to look. The pussy is hided in between thighs and I asked her to keep the legs in distance for which she is not accepted. Then suddenly there is a knock on the door its kalavathi asking that my I disturb the couple?. Then immediately Ramadevi pushed me other side and closed her sari and felt shy sat beside me. Then she asked Suman how is the night with my sister. I replied itís marvelous and asked her have you enquired with my heroine? Kalavathi replied no need to ask her because she noticed that she crushed badly by you and restless. Kalavathi told that she is rushing to school and will come at 4pm and told to Ramadevi take care of me and food etc. Ramadevi nodded her head. I told her we both planning for honey moon trip to Chennai Then kalavathi told best of luck with fuck. And left to school. Ramadevi aunty told me to get ready as we both planned to go to railway station for getting tickets for evening trip to Chennai. I brushed in the bath room and came to bed room. Ramadevi aunty given a Half cup of coffee to drink. I asked the half cup coffee is sufficient for us to drink. Then immediately I caught her and lifted one cup of her blouse and squeezed some milk into coffee cup and filled the gap. She told that you are become naughty boy. Then I asked her sip coffee and push it into my mouth. For which she did not accepted. After some time she accepted and did the same. I am just behind her and feeling good touching her body. I asked her to remove clothes because no one in the house. She told that this is not our house and any how we were going to honey moon there you can enjoy with me. Ramadevi bend herself adjusting bed and cleaning the room. I finished the coffee drinking. When she bent like that her big ass was projected and looking so beautiful than before. Suddenly my small brother in my short is arose in full and paining me to fuck. After cleaning the room she was leaving bed room then immediately I caught her behind and hugged tightly lifted her and told I want have a show with her and laid her on to the bed . Then she throbbed me and told that this is not the time Immediately I removed my short and told her that to see my dick he is paining me for your pussy and you satisfy my small brother then only we go. I removed her sari and asked to fold her legs to see gold cunt. Then she gently spread the legs and shown her cunt. It was little rubbed position and is very sexy than before. She asked me to show my dick. I have taken my dick near to her face and she immediately caught my dick in to her hand and saw that my 9 inch dick with huge round . She told it is not dick it is a hard rod. I asked her to fuck or not?. She said that she is ready for fuck but slowly. Then I requested her to be in doggie position. She said no and told me to fuck very slowly in this position only. Then slowly I inserted my dick in to her cunt which slid very tightly. But after two three jerks it was lubricated and told me to move slowly only. She removed her blouse also and I kept one boob in mouth and started squeezing milk and fucking her slowly. As the show was slow and both did not cum even after 3 hours of fucking. I emptied her two boobs. Then she told that it was already 1pm stop it and will continue after coming back. Then I kissed on her face without any gap and left her. I told her to come to bath room for cleaning her pussy. She said that she will not clean with water and cleaned with her sari only. Later She wear a new sari which was purchased by me and white blouse and getting ready. I also get ready and we both went on 2 wheeler to the railway station and purchased tickets for our journey. It was my goodness one berth was confirmed and the other one was not confirmed. after that I have taken the tickets. We went to shopping and I purchased some saris and petty coats for her and we reached to kalavati house about 2pm. I told Ramadevi I am getting hungry. She replied she will get lunch for both in plate. In the mean time I grabbed her and lifted one cup of her blouse and one boob came out. Immediately I started sucking it hard. Some milk flown to my mouth and was very tasty. She started moaning and after some time she gently removed the boob from my mouth and covered with blouse . Like this we continued for 4 years. She delivered a premature baby in eight month. Friends how you feel to my experience can be mailed to me only women please.







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