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Aunt Seduction



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Hi to all the readers. Recently I came to know about this site and felt happy to express my feelings. Now I am going to share an experience which had happened in my life at the age of 20 when studying graduation. Coming to me I am Kiran 25 year’s old, 6-ft height fair complexion good looking attracting looks, hairy body from Andhra Pradesh. The incident that I am going to narrate is my first experience with an aunt named Kalpana staying for rent in my upstairs. She is also fair in color aging 30 then, married with no child, husband working abroad who visits her twice yearly. Her stats are 36c-32-36. Especially she attracts every one with boobs those are very sexy. I am the only child for my parents. Both my father and mother go for office at 8:00 am. I also leave for college at same time and used to come back within 3 or 4 hours, due to this I used to visit kalpana's house for time pass as she used to invite me for same cause. Being like this I also began spending time in her house by chatting and helping in work. As days passed I became as her family member. This was good until that day. As usual one day getting bored in house. I went to her house to spend some time. By then she was in bathroom, she told me to wait for some time she is coming. So I switched on the CD, in that they were showing some masala scenes, I got erection all of sudden in that they showed bathroom scenes seeing that I got aunt in my mind. Slowly I went near bathroom door was not fully closed I peeped through the gap she was under shower was completely drenched I was so excited. She started removing her clothes first she removed her sari. Rests of the clothes were blouse and petticoat. Through Blouse I can see the black bra and cleavage. After that she removed her blouse slowly, there was bra hiding half boobs. Seeing those I was eager to touch them. She then stood showing back to me. The soaked petticoat was stick to her buttocks they were making move according to her actions. Then she got her hands to the bra hooks and opened it and throw aside I was eagerly waiting for her to turn she then took soap and turned. Seeing the heavy boobs of watermelon size, being round they stood straight and pointing with nipples. She then soaped her body she started from her leg up to her thighs, as I was to see pussy she got up and started soaping boobs on the while she used to press her boobs and press the soap against her breast. Seeing all these body was shivering and it was like some current passing through it. Seeing first time practically I got very much excited and it was in 90 degree I cannot control any more so to relieve my self I masturbated there only. Unknowingly I hit the door so I came in hurry and sat on the sofa. Few minutes later she came out wearing a nightgown. She stood at the door for a while seeing my juices which I forgot to wash out in hurry, with a smiling face she came and sat next to me and kissed me on face and said “you have grown up”. From the day I want to have aunt and I used to masturbate thinking of her. From that day onwards there were drastic changes in her behavior towards me. She was waiting for me to come from college, started to wear almost transparent clothes, very low-neck blouses as to show as much as to me. Sometimes she intentionally slipped her sari and made me see her boobs, sometimes she didn’t wore bra and used to bend before me as to pick something I can see up to nipples, making contacts with my body and giving sexy smiles. While I also enjoyed all these, sometimes I also used to touch her. when we were chatting she used to get the topic of sex and ask about my girl friends. One day she got the topic of sex and asked me have I had with any one before, I said no. Then she asked have you saw any lady nude, I said not completely but up to boobs in practical and full in CD's giving a sexy smile asked do you masturbate as I can’t say no as I was caught by her earlier. She asked whom do you think of, I said whomever excites me, to my wonder she asked don’t I. I was speechless for sometime looking at her. She stood up and said be practical. In spite of all these I was afraid to step forward because of all others and my family. If they know it, what will happen later and also waiting for a step from her she understand my situation. Few days later my parents have to go on a work for outstation for 2 days. They handed over me to aunt. It was a winter early morning; dropping my parents in station I returned and went to aunt as my all needs to be fulfilled by aunt. We both had coffee, and I went to my house for a bath. I came up in trouser and T-shirt; she was in pale pink sari lying in bed. I went and sat beside her she got up slowly put her hand in my hair told so u never had sex, have you seen me nude that day I didn’t reply she said don’t worry be frank as I love you being frank. I then with a little hesitation said no, she asked do you want to see. “No reply”, she said ok even now u can see me semi nude. Unable to control the emotion I grabbed her eagerly kissed her all over the body she smiling said ”nemmadiga(don’t get hurry be patient).”. She took my face in her hands and slowly very slowly started to take my lips in to her mouth and sucked it very hard and bitten it mercilessly. She noticed my situation. She pulled my head closer to hers and slipped her tongue into my mouth again. Her tongue probed my mouth wildly plunging it in and out. I met her exploring tongue with mine. It seemed like a contest on who could stick the tongue into the other mouth the furthest. Then she finished the burning kiss softly licking my lips. Outside heavy cold and she slowly laid me in her double cot bed and removed my shirt. Her wet lips started traveling all over my face then to my ears, neck and then to chest. She slowly took my erected nipples to her mouth and slowly bites them. I was trembling like a fish in land. Slowly very slowly her lips traveled to abdomen and she removed the trouser. I was without underwear and her hand circled the fully erected cock. She was watching it with full of anxiety and wonder because she never expected such a big cock for a guy like me. That was rigid like an Iron rod and length is 8 really fat and was pulsating in her hand like a hot iron rod this not a lie but later she measured it with a scale in one of our wildest lovemaking occasion. And she told me that her husbands cock is only 4 in erected position and she was not getting full satisfaction. She then started playing with my cock licking, sucking and jerking . It was like current passing through my body and I cum in her mouth she licked each and every drop and swallowed. Meanwhile I was caressing her body. I slowly removed the sari and then unhooked the blouse one by one and take it off. Aunt murmured "So a woman's body fascinates you. Come closer and see all you want, dear can do what ever you want now your my husband and I am your wife". Hearing my dick got erection and I started by kissing her face neck, ear lobe and having another burning kiss session. Targeted boobs removed the bra, with a look I got mad and started playing with them took them in hands kneaded them bit the nipples suck the boobs made circles with tongue and was doing different things as a mad every time she used to moan, make nail marks on back and used to bury my face in her boobs. Licking her stomach and abdomen got down removed petticoat. Panty was drenched of her juices. Mean time she was holding cock and sometimes kissing and used to brush her body. Without wasting time got wide open her legs and started rubbing and licking over panties, pinched, kissed and licked her thighs. She was shivering with pleasure and moaning louder saying (inka, inkaa, inkaaa) more n more. Removed panty, pussy hidden in thick hairy forest appeared immediate I buried my face I felt a different odor which excited me. Soon we came in 69 position and she started with my cock, I inserted my middle finger in pussy, it was tight and hot. By this she got aroused and started sucking cock harder. Later with two and three fingers and now wide open the walls with two hands and inserted tongue inside and started licking it. As I started she gone out of control and sucked my dick madly. As I increased my speed and went deeper she was also in same pace. We were in a state that we are out of this world the room filled with moans. Both were discharging and sucking the juices from other, this was great excitement went on. she made me to cum on her boobs and body. For few minutes we lay on bed in hug. After that made her to be in doggy position for ass fuck. At first she refused, as she was afraid of my cock size. At last I said that I would just try. She applied Vaseline on cock and I on her ass hole. At first I played with cheeks kneading, pinching and slapping them. Later I inserted one by one finger up to 4 fingers she felt excited but even afraid of cock so started playing with boobs and pussy simultaneously. Soon she became very hot and making it right moment I was slowly inserting cock may be it was up to 2 inch she felt pain and asked to take it out. But I didn't care of it and started my actions pressing boobs and fingering pussy she was diverted and I was on my work and at sudden forcibly inserted at sudden. Soon she loudly shouted out of pain I was afraid of others may come but no one. She pleaded me to take it out but I convinced and started stroking at first it was terrible later on she started moaning and enjoying gradually I increased the speed and we were in heaven, I released loads of cum in her ass. Finally she was happy and enjoyed ass fuck. My fingers at pussy indicated me she was to release her juices I drank all juice and started playing with pussy. Again she soon got aroused and for her fear applied Vaseline again I slowly inserted my cock It was so tight as because of her husbands was so little and thin I was again painful for her and with burning kisses I closed her mouth making unable her to shout. Inserted 3/4 of cock and started stroking. Intentionally I made slowly thinking of her pain. Soon she started screaming "increase your speed you bastard. Make it fast and fast. Come on fuck me I am hunger of that for years, your my real one come, you should give me your baby", as I increased speed we were so happy that I cannot say in words especially she made nail marks and even bitten me. And also she tore pillows. Like this we enjoyed for some time and slept for few minutes and went for bath. I carried her and made her sat on stool and got some honey and poured all over her body and started licking her and we had another big fuck session. In that she explained me about pussy, told how to enjoy more. Afterwards I applied shaving cream and shaved her armpits and her pussy. We came out and got up dressed by each other and while we were going out to have our lunch. She told that "I am so happy and fulfilled of sex thirst for this only, I intentionally sent your parents out. My husband never bothered for my satisfaction. Once I saw you nude. From then I wanted sex with you and a part of it I arranged the bath session for you”. For two months we continued this. Later her husband came and that she had to move to her mother-in-laws house. Two months later she informed me that she is pregnant and told that its of mine. Nine months later she blessed with a baby boy. For comments and suggestions please mail me to [email protected]







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